To make multisig the gold standard of Bitcoin custody

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our design philosophy


It must be secure

Security starts by knowing our limits. We defer to specialists in the most security-sensitive areas. That means delegating the task of managing private keys to single-purpose hardware. That means sticking close to Bitcoin Core for consensus code. That means ruthlessly cutting down on the number of software dependencies. We can’t completely eliminate all attack surfaces. But we can minimize them.


It must be seamless

Going from a single key to multiple keys necessarily requires some level of friction. The goal is to avoid further friction in every other part of the multisig process. We achieve this by adopting best practices and open standards (sometimes by spearheading them ourselves) and by integrating with user-friendly technologies such as NFC.


It must be future-proof

The Bitcoin protocol and infrastructure are still in their infancies. By reusing protocol code directly in our code base and by being at the forefront of the multisig UX revolution, we put ourselves in the best position to adapt to upcoming changes.


It must go above and beyond

We want to offer the user granular control over their wallet. That’s why we invested time and effort to add features like emergency lockdown, scheduled payments, coin control, replace-by-fee, etc. and more features to come in the future.

A global mission

The journey to financial freedom and sovereignty starts with the ability to self custody your own bitcoins.
Our mission is to make safe Bitcoin custody accessible to millions of people around the world, through the use of multisig technology.

a fully remote team

Nunchuk is a globally distributed team unified by a common desire to create the best Bitcoin custody solution possible. By Bitcoiners, for Bitcoiners.
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